Empowering Your Business through eiFAM

Unlock the full potential of your business with MNLeistung Inc. and our cutting-edge software solutions. We proudly present eiFAM, a suite of innovative and customizable software designed to revolutionize your operations. Discover the power of eiFAM and propel your business to new heights.


Our Products

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eiRIS differentiates itself by encompassing comprehensive, operational, tactical, and strategic features, allowing organizations to efficiently collect HR data, allocate resources effectively, and engage in proactive workforce planning and development.

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eiBUY revolutionizes business procurement, streamlining processes with an intuitive interface. By consolidating procurement, it guides calculated decisions, amplifies cost control, and nurtures sustainable growth.

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eiMAN (Task Management System), Boost productivity and stay organized with eiMAN, a user-friendly Task Management solution that helps you efficiently manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

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Deliver exceptional customer service with eiCAER, a robust Customer Service software that helps you manage customer interactions, track support tickets, and ensure prompt and efficient issue resolution.

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eiMED  (Coming Soon)

Streamline and optimize healthcare operations with eiMED, a comprehensive Healthcare Information Management System that empowers healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient care.

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eiFOS  (Coming Soon)

eiFOS automates financial tracking, optimizing profitability, and reducing overhead expenses. It swiftly compiles financial statements, eliminating manual processes and providing essential data for informed business decisions. The system ensures timely information production and facilitates easy generation of management reports.

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eiHOM  (Coming Soon)

eiHOM is an automated property management system offering details on individual buildings, including room availability, sizes, prices, and locations. It comes equipped with an integrated billing and collection function.

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