MNLeistung Inc. is an Unstoppable company driven by a vision of success.

MNLeistung Inc. is committed to progress in 2024, aiming to reach new heights and make a breakthrough in the Philippine industry. With our innovative IT program, eiFAM, we strive to revolutionize the business sector in unprecedented ways. Through a high-quality marketing strategy, we seek to generate a positive market response and create new opportunities for a prosperous economic future.


MNLeistung Inc. distinguishes itself from its competitors with its commitment to delivering exquisite customer service, offering meticulously crafted, user-friendly in-house developed software, and providing unparalleled system solutions that not only meet but surpass the unique needs and expectations of its esteemed clientele.


With a commitment to inspiration, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence, our aim is to craft and implement system solutions in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Corporate Values

Purpose-driven Leadership

To align our teams with a shared mission, fostering growth, and driving impactful change with purposeful intent.

Innovative Solutions

Empowering clients to grow and generate a positive market response, our dedication to innovation creates new opportunities and a robust economic future with effective marketing strategies.

Commitment to Excellence

By meeting our clients' unique needs and staying updated with industry trends and best practices, we establish ourselves as a trusted partner.

Key Executive


Michael C. Rosales, Dipl.-Ing.,President

Michael C. Rosales is the dynamic and visionary President of MNLeistung. With a distinguished background in Automation Technology and a successful career at InPro electric, MCR demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and spearheaded prestigious automotive brands. MNLeistung continues to drive innovation under MCR’s guidance, revolutionizing industries and embracing the transformative power of automation for a more efficient and technologically advanced future.

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