Human Resource Information System

What is eiRIS?

MNLeistung Inc. developed eiRIS stands out among its competitors due to its ability to cater to diverse organizational requirements and offer a comprehensive range of functionalities expected from a human resource information system.

eiRIS encompasses comprehensive capabilities, providing organizations with a holistic solution for managing their human resources. Its operational features facilitate efficient data collection, encompassing employee records, position-specific information, and performance appraisal data. The system also offers tactical capabilities for optimal resource allocation, including talent acquisition, training, compensation, and other macro-level decisions pertaining to organizational resources. Moreover, eiRIS incorporates strategic elements to support proactive workforce planning and development. These three factors combine to create a flexible and valuable tool that adapts to the unique needs of each organization.

eiRIS has set its sights on enhancing productivity and accuracy by automating manual operations across Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, and IT departments.

Why Choose eiRIS?

Unique Features

Biometrics with Facial Recognition
Applicant’s Portal
Visitor’s Portal
  1. MNLeistung Inc. introduces a cutting-edge in-house biometric system using facial recognition and geotagging for efficient time tracking. Integrated with eiRIS, it eliminates reliance on third-party biometrics, streamlining attendance, enhancing security, and redefining workforce management.

Standard Features

ADMIN Portal
Employee Portal
  1. Employee Data Management
  2. Talent Management & Acquisition
  3. Time and Attendance Management
  4. Payroll, 13th Month, and Bonuses Management
  5. Government Contribution and Tax Reports


  1. Streamlined HR processes - eiRIS automates various HR functions, reducing manual labor for HR staff and streamlining processes such as employee data management, timekeeping, payroll, benefits administration, and performance reviews.
  2. Enhanced overall efficiency - By enabling self-assisted functionality, eiRIS empowers employees to manage their own transactions and requisitions, leading to increased overall efficiency and reduced workload for HR personnel.
  3. Improved data accuracy - With consolidated employee data and reduced manual entry, eiRIS ensures improved data accuracy, minimizing the risk of human error and providing employers with reliable and integrated information.
  4. Effective workforce planning - eiRIS supports effective workforce planning through trend assessment, performance monitoring, identification of skill gaps, and succession planning, offering comprehensive data analytics, demographics, and reporting capabilities for informed decision-making.
  5. Ensures compliance - By facilitating accurate record-keeping and report generation, eiRIS ensures compliance with labor laws, equal opportunity legislation, and other legal obligations, helping organizations meet their regulatory requirements.
  6. Boost employee engagement - Through features such as employee portals, performance management, and communication tools, eiRIS enhances employee engagement by fostering open communication, goal setting, feedback sharing, and recognition within the organization.
  7. Reduces cost - By reducing paperwork, minimizing errors, and streamlining HR processes, eiRIS helps organizations lower costs and increase overall operational effectiveness.
  8. Scalability - Designed for scalability, eiRIS can seamlessly expand alongside its users without significant disruptions, adapting to meet the growing needs of the market.
  9. Integrability - With integrability in mind, eiRIS can connect and exchange data with other software and hardware within the MNLeistung eiPrograms suite, enhancing system effectiveness and accuracy by eliminating duplicate data entry.
  10. Highly adaptive and customizable - eiRIS can be tailored to the specific requirements of organizations, allowing for flexibility, compatibility, and the ability to scale up or down to accommodate changing technology and demands over time.

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