Procurement Management and Inventory System

What is eiBUY?

eiBUY is a comprehensive procurement management and inventory system designed to streamline and optimize purchasing operations, from requisition to issuance, while effectively managing inventory levels. It empowers organizations of all sizes to achieve greater efficiency and control over their procurement and inventory management processes.

eiBUY stands out as the only procurement management and inventory system specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), empowering them to streamline and optimize their purchasing operations from request to issuance. Unlike complex and costly enterprise solutions, eiBUY's user-friendly interface and affordable pricing make it the ideal choice for SMBs seeking to transform their procurement and inventory management processes.

Why Choose eiBUY?

Unique Features

Analytic Dashboard
Centralized Vendor Management
Centralized Approval Page
Approval Matrix
  1. Procurement Dashboard
  2. Inventory Dashboard

Standard Features

Vendor Management
Procurement Management
Inventory Management
  1. Vendor List (Accreditation, Evaluation & Contract)


  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making - Gain actionable insights from procurement, inventory, and sales data to optimize strategies and make informed decisions.
  2. Improved Cash Flow - Automate invoicing, payment processing, and inventory management to accelerate cash inflow and optimize working capital.
  3. Automate Request Management - Eliminate manual tasks and ensure timely procurement of goods and services through automated requisition processing.
  4. Enhanced Efficiency - Free up staff time from manual tasks and focus on core business activities.
  5. Gain Insightful Reporting - Gain valuable insights into procurement spending, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize procurement strategies.
  6. Centralize Vendor Management - Maintain a centralized supplier database, track supplier performance, and optimize sourcing strategies for cost-effectiveness.
  7. Effortlessly Manage Invoices - Automate invoice processing, reduce errors, and expedite payments to suppliers, improving cash flow.
  8. Reduced Procurement and Inventory Costs - Automate processes, eliminate errors, and optimize inventory levels to reduce costs.
  9. Centralized Company Management - Efficiently manage multiple companies from a centralized system, allowing administrators to access and control data for all entities from a single platform.
  10. Integration Ready - integrating other eiFAM systems to eiBUY, to easily manage all data related to procurement. (eiFOS, eiRIS, eiMAN & eiCAER).
  11. Guaranteed Compliance - Ensure adherence to company procurement, inventory management, and regulatory policies.
  12. Manage Inventory Seamlessly - Manage inventory from receiving to issuance, ensuring optimal stock levels, minimizing stockouts, and reducing carrying costs.
  13. Simplify Order Management - Automate order placement and tracking, streamlining the procurement process and reducing manual effort.
  14. Vendor Risk Mitigation - Reduces risk to enroll an unqualified vendor.
  15. Reduces irregularities - Minimize fraud and irregularities in the transaction process.

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