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Let's Grow Together.

MNLeistung Inc. provides its employees with the opportunity to receive training and collaborate with prominent figures in the industry. Additionally, we are currently in the advanced stages of forming a partnership with a US-based company that possesses cutting-edge technology protected by a global patent. MNL is poised to serve as the representative for this US company in the Southeast Asian market.

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Opportunity to Work Abroad

Explore abroad while advancing your career, with all expenses covered by the company.

Paid advanced Training

Expand your knowledge and skills with company-funded advanced training programs relevant to your career growth.

Healthcare Assistance

Access comprehensive healthcare support, including insurance coverage, and preventive care programs.

Recreational Activities and Company Events

(Expense-paid by the Company): Enjoy fully-funded team-building activities and events to enhance your work-life balance and foster camaraderie.

Profit Sharing

Share in the company's success with additional incentives based on its financial performance.

Monthly Allowance

Receive a monthly allowance to support your financial well-being and personal aspirations.

Free Accommodation

Enjoy the convenience and stability of free housing provided by the company, eliminating the burden of housing expenses.

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  • Break Fast

    Build Up Together

    MNLeistung successfully launched its "Break Fast" employee wellness program with an inaugural activity held on May 12, 2023. The event aimed to promote work-life balance, teamwork, and camaraderie among employees, featuring an energizing game where teams competed in various challenges.

    The program received positive feedback from employees, who appreciated the opportunity to engage in open discussions and express their ideas. MNLeistung plans to continue organizing activities throughout the year to support the employee engagement and well-being initiative, leaving the employees eagerly anticipating future events.

  • Happy Memories

    Create Happy Memories

    Creating magical memories that have an emotional impact on the community. We celebrate collective successes and when the stakes are high, we rely on each other’s strength as we continue to build connections to every journey we shared.

    The ornaments of occasions like company parties are those that stand out, the ones that bring us joy and contagious laughter. We witness hidden talents are recognized and everyone is given the spotlight to showcase their exceptional skills.

    Magical moments at work keep us going and bring out the best in all of us!

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